A Caribbean Restaurant Series



Why & Where

Cariblicious will promote Caribbean Dine-in restaurants and Chefs throughout the Greater
Toronto Area featuring Menus for Brunch or Dinner at a promotional fixed price.


Cariblicious is a family friendly Restaurant series. Caribbean chefs will be celebrated by sharing
their photo and biography during the series. The chefs will create 2, 3-Course menus, only
available during Cariblicious. Taste the Caribbean’s mixology will create a “Signature Drink” will
be available at all participating restaurants.


Reservations are required to taste the promotional authentic and/or fusion Caribbean meals
using ingredients known throughout the peninsula; plated with style, full of colour and
tantalizing your taste buds!

Reservations will open TBD at www.tastethecaribbean.ca
Restaurants can apply for Registration by completing the Application below.


  • Before completing the Application below, review the Guidelines, Criteria and Process.
  • Complete and Submit the Application with required documents.